EWA talks CHANGE kicks off with Tereza Šimíková

To support our community and show solidarity with our members, we are stepping in with a new initiative, EWA Talks CHANGE. We will be holding screen-to-screen conversations with different guests who have had to reinvent own lives and careers to adapt to unavoidable circumstances and embrace new realities.

We kick-off the sessions with Tereza Šimíková, Head of the international financing and co-production platform CPH:FORUM. Tereza comes from a position as Head of Industry of East Doc Platform, the largest co-production market and pitching forum focused on the Central and Eastern European region. She graduated with a degree in documentary filmmaking from FAMU, Prague in 2009, and from 2012-16 she was Program Manager of dok.incubator. Since 2017, in her position of International Program Consultant, Tereza tailors the international strategy for the grantees of Chicken and Egg Pictures, the New York and San Francisco based funding and mentorship body which supports women nonfiction filmmakers.

The conversation will last aproximately one hour. It will be moderated by EWA Network's director, Alessia Sonaglioni and followed by a Q & A session with the online audience of EWA members.

We will aim to keep calm in these turbulent times - staying in control of our lives, priorities and future prospects.

Subject: EWA talks CHANGE with Tereza Simíková
Date: 2 April 2020 18:30 CET

Should you have a story you would like to share with our community, contact us at contact@ewawomen.com