EWA talks Change with Iris Brey

To support our community and show solidarity with our members, our initiative, EWA Talks CHANGE proposes a screen-to-screen dialogue with different guests who have had to reinvent own lives and careers to adapt to unavoidable circumstances and embrace new realities.

We will be proudly hosting Iris Brey, film and Tv critic  and writer of the feminist essay, The Female Gaze.

The conversation will be facilitated by Alessia Sonaglioni, EWA's executive director.


EWA talks CHANGE with Iris Brey-

Date: 14th of June at 6 PM (CET)

Place: Zoom

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Picture by Patrice Normand
Picture by Patrice Normand

About Iris Brey

Iris Brey is a Franco-American film and TV series critic specialized in questions of feminism and gender. She wrote the book Sex and the Series (Editions de l’Olivier, 2018), which analyzes the representation of women’s sexualities in American television.

She also directed Sex and the Series, a documentary series for OCS, five films about fictional heroines that changed the way we view sex. Her book The Female Gaze(Editions de l’Olivier, 2020), which won the Causette Prize for the best feminist essay of 2020, defines the theoretical framework to analyze female gaze in film and series. She is currently working on its documentary adaptation.

Iris Brey is a critic for the TV show Le Cercle on Canal +, the magazine Marie Claire and Mediapart. She holds a Ph.D. in French literature and cinema from New York University, and she teaches film on the Parisian campus of the University of California.

Comment Game of Thrones m'a ouvert les yeux ? by Iris Brey. TEDxChampsElyseesWomen
Comment Game of Thrones m'a ouvert les yeux ? by Iris Brey. TEDxChampsElyseesWomen