EWA talks Change with Anna Serner

To support our community and show solidarity with our members, our initiative, EWA Talks CHANGE proposes a screen-to-screen dialogue with different guests who have had to reinvent own lives and careers to adapt to unavoidable circumstances and embrace new realities.

We will be proudly hosting Anna Serner, director of the Swedish Film Institute. The conversation will be facilitated by Tamara Tatishvili, EWA's strategist manager to guide us into bigger picture of what change the COVID 19 outbreak has brought, what support mechanisms Swedish Film Institute is proposing and how general situation may affect gender equality agenda, the role of women,


EWA talks CHANGE with Anna Serner

Date: 14 May at 17:30 CET

Place: Zoom

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Anna Serner by Marie Therese Karlberg

Anna Serner 

Anna Serner is the CEO of the Swedish Film Institute. Her tenure at the Swedish Film Institute is distinguished by her work for gender equality. She has been a driving force behind several initiatives such as ”50/50 by 2020” at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, the “50/50 by 2020 – Global Reach” seminar at the 2017 Cannes Film Market, and in 2018, with support from the Cannes Film Festival, the Swedish Film Institute arranged ”Take Two: Next moves for #MeToo”. With a total of five Ministers of Culture from different countries attending, the event marked a meaningful shift at an international level for equality in the film industry. Anna Serner has appeared as a panellist and keynote speaker at several international film festivals, including Gothenburg, Cannes, Berlin, Toronto and EFA (European Film Awards), as well as the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg (2018) and The Big Screen Symposium in Auckland, NZ (2018). She is also one of the interviewees in Tom Donahue’s 2018 documentary ”This Changes Everything”, investigating the gender disparity in Hollywood.