Documentary Film Markets and Events: planning your calendar in 2020

Attending markets, workshops and festivals is not only a big time commitment but also a financial one. It seems like new events are popping up every day, and it can be hard to navigate their relevance to your projects as well as understand their specific idiosyncratic fingerprint and speciality.

Brigid O'Shea will walk you through the world of Documentary Film Markets and find out:

How to know which event will match your project?

Where are the decision makers travelling to in 2020?

We will do a round up of the dramaturgy of pitching and networking events so that you can tailor your travels this year to suit your projects, maximise your effectivenesss and efficiency as well as learn more about new possibilities for financing and distributing your creative documentary in a saturated European market.  What's worth paying an accreditation fee, what is not-to-be-missed and what can wait for another year!


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Brigid O’Shea is a native of Australia who has worked for European film festivals and documentary organisations since 2008. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts obtained in Melbourne and Berlin, and she started as an intern at the Berlinale Talent Campus. She worked for various Berlinale departments as a freelancer until 2014, including the EFM and the Co-Production Market, until taking a more focused approach on creative documentary. This came from coordinating the DOK Industry Programme from 2009-2015, which also allowed her to freelance for the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague, for Documentary Campus Masterschool, and various Berlin-based production companies. She collected many professional experiences across diverse audiovisual fields as a freelancer, before being appointed Head of DOK Industry Programme in January 2015. She regularly tutors on topics such as European co-financing, cultural management and festival strategies in places like North America and Eastern Europe. She currently founding a new documentary network: DAE Documentary Association of Europe.