Gender equality and workplace safety – Where are we now?

Post #metoo and Covid-19 pandemic, cultural and creative sectors are still dealing with social protection issues, with more violence and harassment coming to light across all sectors. How can we build protective systems that develop and enhance social protection for our industry professionals to guarantee safety for not only women but all genders working in the audiovisual sector.

EWA Network hosts a keynote and a panel with experts who discuss social protection in our industry. The event is organised at Forum Alentours on 30 June from 14 to 15 CEST.

Keynote 15 min on Social Protection in the Audiovisual Sector

Keynote by Margherita Licata

Margherita Licata works at the International Labour Organization, in the Sectoral Policies Department and has over 15 years of experience in policy advice and support in the area of social and labour issues, migration, health and gender at work and in the cultural and creative sectors. She currently coordinates global and regional research, policy advice and facilitates consensus building on employment and labour issues in retail/commerce, media and culture and financial services. She holds a M.Sc. in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, a Master in International Legal Studies from the University of Verona, as well as a degree in Political Science from the University of Perugia.

Panel 30-40 min with discussion on regional aspects and outcomes on workplace safety in the industry.

Experts Nora Philippe and Tarja Savolainen, panel moderated by Jenni Koski

Nora Philippe is the Head of EURODOC, an international training program and network in creative documentary production. She has a decade-long experience in documentary cinema as a film director (Restitution? ARTE-2021, Like Dolls, I’ll Rise, Visions du réel 2018, Job Center, Please Hang On! Theatrical release 2014), independent producer, curator (film series at Columbia University, 2016-2021, including on on Gender and LGBTQ representations on screen, in 2022) and educator. Most of her films tackle questions of feminism, intersectionality, women’s and minorities’ rights. She has taught inclusion policies in the film industry at SciencesPo Lille Graduate School.

Tarja Savolainen is a Ph.D. and senior researcher. Currently, she acts as a project manager in Women in Film and Television Finland. Her special area of expertise is gender equality and media. In February 2022, she published a book on women and film in Finland titled Tasa-arvokupla puhkeaa (Gender Equality Bubble Bursts). She has also published articles in transnational projects, for example, an article in Women in the International Film Industry, (ed. Susan Liddy, 2020, Palgrave Macmillan) and in Gender Equality and the Media (eds. Karen Ross & Claudia Padovani, 2017, Routledge). In addition, Tarja has acted as an expert for the Finnish government and EU.

Jenni Koski is a freelance filmmaker, producer and project manager in the arts and cultural sectors. Currently, Jenni Koski works as the Executive Director of European Women's Audiovisual Network building programming for gender equal and diverse audiovisual industry in Europe. In particular, based on her extensive experiences working in gender equality in Finland and abroad, Jenni works on creating sustainable programming and a new strategy at EWA Network.

Further reading and information on social protection in the creative industries: