Welcome to EWA Network's Annual Event 2022

Open for the Public and Network Members

EWA NETWORK GOES BERLINALE 14 February 2022 starting at 12 PM (CET)

The day will be filled with both interesting content to public as well as EWA Network's member-exclusive programming. EWA Network's Berlinale event will focus on EWA Network's strategic key areas.

We will start the event off with a public talk by our main speaker Yacine Samb and presentation by Cannes Marché du Film after which you can join specific programming for EWA Network's members only.




12 CET to 13.35 CET

12.00-12.05 Start of Public event and live stream

12.05-12.55 Public Talk and Q&A with Google Executive Yacine Samb, in conversation with EWA Network's Executive Director Jenni Koski

How to lead change after post-covid times in the creative career. New opportunities and commitments for a more equal and inclusive audiovisual industry. (live stream public only)

Leader at Google Yacine Samb

5 min break, change of speaker & moderator

13.00-13.30 Cannes Marché du Film's Aleksandra Zakharchenko in discussion with EWA Network’s Strategy Consultant Tamara Tatishvili.

Marché du Film: Programmes 2022 & how they contribute to improved positioning of female talent. (live stream public, recorded for later use of members)

5 min End of public event and public live stream


To attend the public event, click here!



REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE TO GET THE MEMBER-EXCLUSIVE EVENT LINK (The Eventbrite invitation has been sent to EWA Members)

13.45-13.55 New membership card and new membership of EWA Network / Executive Director Jenni Koski

5 min set-up for (break-out) rooms (members can join two sessions as they last only 25 mins each and we run them in 30 min intervals). The last breakout room would last until 5 mins before the joint ending.

14.00-14.25 - FIRST SESSIONS

1. room: Green production - Sustainability Consultant Birgit Heidsiek in conversation with EWA Director of Programmes Alexia Muiños Ruiz

How to make your production more sustainable and eco-friendly? Join the fireside chat with Birgit Heidsiek to learn more about the experiences of green production in Europe.

2. room: Documentary development initiative - Executive Director Jenni Koski with Pitch the Doc Team

The launch of EWA Network’s new documentary film development tool in partnership with Pitch the Doc. Join us to find out more about how your film can benefit from a constructed pitching platform online and learn about the “EWA Supported” documentary development initiative.


14.35-15.00 - SECOND SESSIONS

1. room: Meet our member Romas Zabarauskas in discussion with Executive Director Jenni Koski

As a gay writer, director and producer, Romas Zabarauskas had his fair share of challenges in Lithuania – challenges that he has successfully overcome. His unique background made him think on how to make our industry more welcoming, diverse and sustainable.

2. room: Developing stories for the screen with WScripted in collaboration with EWA Network.

Key challenges of writing for the screen and how to connect and find appealing stories to develop.

WScripted is a new partner for EWA Network. Come and join the session to find out more about how you can be involved in the upcoming screenwriting events and collaborations.



15.05-15.10 Joint closing of member-exclusive content and the event