Meet EWA Team in the Nebulae Partners Cocktail in DOC Lisboa

Planning on attending the Nebulae Partners Cocktail and Nebulae Awards Announcement at the 2022 Docslisboa festival on Thursday 13th October? Come and say hello to Edel Brosnan, who will be representing the EWA team.

Nebulae is the dedicated industry-oriented project and networking space at Doclisboa, running on-site at the festival between the 11th and 16th October. This year's Nebulae programme includes activities, gatherings, opportunities and people for the advancement of the creation, production and dissemination of independent film. '


Jumpgate - Inspiring European producers

Jumpgate is an annual summit taking place in the scope of Nebulae and aimed at European producers from different backgrounds and levels of experience when it comes to non fiction film production. The main goal is to share professional experiences, inspire new ideas, practices and projects, and facilitate encounters, so as to foster co-productions and collaboration opportunities. In 2022, a maximum of 20 producers—10 seniors and 10 emerging—will be able to participate at the invitation of Doclisboa and Nebulae.

EWA's president Ada Solomon and EWA member Iva Plemić Divjak are some of the tutors in this programme and we are happy to see two participants of our Mentoring Programme, Irina Maldea and Mina Dreki, taking part in it.

Irina Malcea, Edel Brosnan and Mina Dreki