Closing of the 5th edition of the EWA Network Mentoring Programme for Emerging Female Producers

The Transilvania International Film Festival will host the second meeting of the Mentoring Programme for emerging Female producers in its edition of 2023-2024.

The mentors and the participants. Pic courtesy of Thessaloniki Film Festival


The group will meet from 19 to 22 of June for a two day workshop which will include the attendance to the Transilvania Pitch Stop, featuring EWA members  Ioana Mischie, Olena Yershova (former mentor) and Antra Gaile (also former participant in the Mentoring), a session with Graziella Bildesheim about Tips and Tricks for European applications and the Negotiation Skills workshop with Anja Henningsmeyer.

Meet the participants here

Workshop: Negotiation Skills, with Anja Henningsmeyer


Quoting Henninsmeyer, "In daily life we negotiate on numerous occasions: for prices, projects, our own needs and many more. Reach your goals with a systematic approach to negotation! If you take a systematic approach, allowing you to understand and reflect upon your personal negotiation style – which may be influenced by the culture you come from – and if you know how to adopt appropriate negotiation strategies and leverage, then you will increase your power to achieve agreements on your own terms".

Studies such as those by Harvard professor Deborah Tannen (“Who Gets Heard And Why”) prove that women and men tend to communicate differently – the reason for this lies in socialisation.  This often also affects negotiations, which is unfortunate because neither women nor men are aware of these differences–and they have not learnt how to deal with them. We all carry out small and large negotiations every day: for the recognition of our needs, for projects, for making money, etc. It is therefore worthwhile to know how to negotiate consciously and cleverly, because then we can achieve our goals more easily.