Hang Out with Ioulia Isserlis.

VR: Blurring the lines between Cinema and Gaming

In this Hang Out session, director and producer Ioulia Isserlis will walk you through the full process of creating immersive VR. Virtual Reality is a unique new medium for storytelling. It lets the viewer enter a cinematic universe and become an active protagonist of a narrative.

In the talk, Ioulia will share her experience in making immersive VR experiences that are based on cinematic universes. She will talk about the production of KOBOLD VR and PAGAN PEAK VR (which both premiered at the Venice Film Festival) and the upcoming project VORTEX.


Date: September 28th

⏰     at 18:30 (CET)


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Ioulia Isserlis (19.08.1989 Moscow) is a Berlin based VR producer, director and writer. With strong roots in classical filmmaking, Ioulia dove full time into VR production 5 years ago, finding inspiration in a new medium that enables the spectator to enter a cinematic universe. She directed, produced and wrote PAGAN PEAK VR, the VR game for the Sky Germany/Wiedemann & Berg series Pagan Peak, that premiered at the 76th Venice Film Festival.

Ioulia produced and co-wrote KOBOLD VR, that premiered at the 75th Venice Film Festival in 2018 and was named one of the 5 best horror VR games by Forbes. She is also the co-producer of BYSTANDING VR, which is a Canadian/German/ Israeli coproduction that was funded by Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg and CMF.

Ioulia is the Co-Founder and CEO of AnotherWorld VR and produced VR experiences for clients such as Microsoft, Siemens and Telekom.

Additionally, Ioulia is a board member of the Virtual Reality Berlin Brandenburg association and was twice a tutor at the VR Biennale College.