Young Creative Producer, Director and Scriptwriter, Kazakhstan born Esenya is now based in L.A., California. She recently graduated from Santa Monica College and has worked on over four short films, screened and selected at numerous film festivals, including the Short Film Festival in China, and the Berdyansk Film Festival in Ukraine.

Suzan Güverte

Suzan studied at Bogazici University before completing a Masters Degree in International Management at the University of Bath. She is now working at Zeyno Filmas the associate Producer of Zeynep Özbatur Atakan. In 2015 she established her production company, Güverte Film, whilst working for Antalya Film Forum as the General Manager.

Irene de Lucas Ramón

Spanish freelance Writer and Filmmaker, Irene completed her PhD in Communications with a thesis on early cinema’s pioneer and first woman director of cinematography, Alice Guy. She is now based in Paris, and her short films have been awarded and selected in several festivals.

Maru Solores

After graduating from the German Film and Television Academy Berlin, Maru specialized in documentary projects, whilst working as a freelance video editor. Since 2012 she lives between Berlin ad San Sebastian, working as a free lancer at the Latin-American Department of Deutsche Welle TV and preparing new audiovisual projects.

Izaskun Arandia

After working for many different media companies in the UK, Izaskun founded her own production company IZAR Films, based in San Sebastian. Since then, she hasworked on TV/Film as a writer, co-wrote, produced and directed her first theatre play, and founded (H)emenHer(e), an online platform giving visibility and working opportunities to women in the audiovisual and performing arts.

Vera Juliusdottir

Icelandic creative linguist with a flair for visual expression, Vera graduated from the London Film School after completing her Bachelor degree in Philosophy and German at the University of Iceland. She recently interned at a social start-up, creating films and trailers that define their image and style.


Valeria Mazzucchi

Young Italian independent Director and Producer living between Istanbul and Berlin, Valeria graduated with a Masters Degree in International and European Law before converting to journalism and filmmaking. She has already directed three short films, and her first feature-length documentary has been presented at the Dok Leipzig Film Festival.

Glynnis Ritter

Glynnis works is a Junior Producer at Malmö-based company WG Film, focusing on outreach, social media and research. She is also the company’s screening coordinator, working with festivals, special screenings and distribution. She received her bachelors degree in Media Production from the University of North Carolina.

Mariette Feltin

Strasbourg-based Filmmaker and Scriptwriter Mariette grew up in Berlin before moving back to France, where she studied philosophy and cinematography. With over 25 years of experience in documentary film-making, live recording of dance-performances and institutional productions, she now also teaches at the University of Strasbourg.

Marina Kunarova

Kazakhstan-based Producer, Director and Scriptwriter, Marina has worked on over 15 film productions since 2004. Her feature films, documentaries and TV-shows have been screened and awarded amongst others at Cannes, the « Black Tallin » Film Festival in Estonia and the SCHLINGEL Film Festival in Germany.

Cristina Rajola

Based in Turin, Cristina works as Delegate Producer at Indyca snc, currently co-producing several documentary projects with international partners. She specialized in documentary production and management. As an expert in fundraising, she collaborated in the creation of Film in Barrique, a consultant group that brings the best financing opportunities to film projects.

Serena Gramizzi

Bo Film founder, Serena is the creative documentary Producer and Distributor for her company, based in Bologna. She has been working in the production field since 2003 with her association Videoinflussi, and her projects have been selected at international forums and markets since 2007.


Marina Lazarevska

A Macedonian media expert specialized in cultural and cinema events, Marina graduated with a degree in journalism. She is now working for three different companies, assisting in the PR strategies, creating daily content on festival events and organizing conferences.

Merja Ritola

Based in Finland, Merja has over 15 years experience in producing award-winning documentaries, which have been rewarded amongst others at Italian, American, Russian and Finnish film festivals. She has also produced four short films selected atnumerous festivals all over the world.

It has been great to meet colleagues from different countries in Europe, and to exchange opinions about our projects. We received excellent advice from different experts, so I am really happy to have joined EWA Network's workshop.

Merja Ritola, Producer

MRST4FFF - 2016 Alumni