Crowdfunding EMERGE, a Nordic Sci-fi Horror

In a dystopia of Sweden, English has become the main language, the death penalty has been legalized and new methods are developed to handle the increasing criminality. EMERGE is a re-education program tested on murderers. Through dream manipulations they induce empathy, regret and guilt to make sure they don’t commit the crime again. They are tested in a viral world and if they fail this stage the prisoner will obviously relapse which gives the facility a right to kill them and harvest their organs for trade.

The story evolves around Mary who is about to discard a client as a psychopath for his lack of regret killing his wife, but realizes he is innocent of the crime.

We are devoted team that wants to do the film in an old fashioned way with models, in-camera effects rather than VFX. We hope people will crowdfund us so that we can show producers and financiers that people want EMERGE to be done and that we bring some finance with us so that we get to have a saying on how it should be done. As a first time feature director, and being a woman doing a genre film, you rarely get listened to otherwise.

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Director Anneli Gelbard.

Born in a small town on the west coast of Sweden, Anneli Gelbard was promising both as a photographer, film maker and painter in her teens but the choice wasn't hard. She was sure of what she wanted to do and after graduating from Munkebäcks Media Gymnasium she was accepted at Gamleby TV and Film School. After internship periods at SVT Drama and on film sets she went on to make her short Silent Night (2002). Since then she has been praised for her unique stories and visual style many times winning multiple awards for Bad Dreams(2006). She has continued to broaden her technical field of knowledge and studied 3D animationMaya as well as deepen her directing skills by studying a hands-on directing course at London Film Academy being mentored by people such as Asif KapadiaDavid PopeRichard Kwietniowski. That's when she met Igor Zorand together they decided to make something people will talk about for decades