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Murielle Thierrin wins EWA’s Residency

"Sugarcane Flower" by Murielle Thierrin selected for EWA's Scripwriter Residency

After reading very interesting and diverse scripts, three projects were shortlisted for an interview with our script consultant Suzanne Pradel. We are now proud to announce that "Sugarcane Flower" written by Murielle Thierrin and Fabrice Pierre has been selected for the 1st EWA’s scriptwriter residency programme in Berlin.


Winner: "Sugarcane Flower" written by Murielle Thierrin and Fabrice Pierre

Logline: When a young single mother’s fight for emancipation gives birth to a jazz musical masterpiece. A period drama that takes place in 1928 in Barbados.

Screenwriter and producer, Murielle Thierrin studied management and finance in Paris, then scriptwriting at the University of California (UCLA).Back in France, she created her own production company, ALDABRA Films.

Producing movies like “La loi de la jungle” by Antonin Peretjatko, “In Gold We Trust” by Eric Besnard, or “L’Homme de Chevet by Alain Monne”. She also worked with Sophie Marceau on a movie in Colombia.

In 2007, she wrote her first feature film along with Barthélémy Grossman. «13 m2» was released in July 2010 and selected in many major festivals (Hong-Kong 2008, Singapore 2009, Taormina). She works at producing feature films and she is currently still writing other screenplays.

Selected Filmography:

2016 Executive Producer at ALDABRAFILMS. “The jungle’slaw”, long feature film directed by Antonin PERETJATKO. Shot in French Guiana with MathieuAlmaric, Vimala Pons, Vincent Macaigne. Released in June 2016

2016 Scriptwriter & director of “GyNOphobia”.

2015 Scriptwriter & Producer “Protection sur ordonnance”, shortfilm directed by Virgini KHAN

2014 Scriptwriter & Producer “Ligne de protection”,shortfilm directed by Virgini KHAN

2014 Scriptwriter & Producer “The red dress” film directed by Alain MONNE.(in development)

2011 sept Scriptwriter & Producer “French Guiana, nobody will believe you..”, videos for commercial tourism campaign

2010 Executive Producer at “600kilos d’or pur” film (35mm scope) directed by Eric BESNARD

2008 Executive Producer at CINENOMINE. “Cartagena”, (35mm) directed by Alain MONNE with Sophie MARCEAU, Christopher LAMBERT. Released in Nov 2009

2007 Scriptwriter & Producer “13 square meter”, directed by Barthelemy GROSSMANN


Shortlisted project: "Bat & the Kid" written by Claire Leona

Logline: Famous film director, Bat, and her fifteen year old lead actor’s relationship falls prey to vicious social media rumours and places her life, her husband and friends in emotional turmoil.

Claire Leona Apps’ mother is Canadian and her father is English, however she was raised in Hong Kong and Indonesia. She relocated to Britain, where she graduated in Pure Mathematics at Imperial College before completing an MA at the London Film School, graduating as a director.

For the following decade her work within the industry has been fuelled by a strong narrative drive, vivid imagination and a desire to challenge people’s everyday perceptions. She has shot as far afield as Asia, directed accomplished actors, and has been commissioned by a diverse range of sponsors. Writing and directing credits include “Gweipo” (starring Francesca Annis, winner of ‘Best Short’ at Tiger Far East Film Festival and ‘Special Jury Prize’ at AFIA Film Festival), documentary “Aceh Recovers” shot in Indonesia and charting the effect of charity work on the post tsunami region, “Hubcaps and Bathtubs” (finalist at Commonwealth Vision Awards), stop animation “Plastic Love” (Filmaka level winner), “Girl Blue Running Shoe” (Art Council England Funded, seen at the Great North Museum, on BBC1 and at the Cork Film Festival), Ruminate (Starring Rebecca Hall, St. Louis International Film Festival) and a selection of noteworthy music videos.

Alongside her work, she founded a production company called Dog Eared Films. Six years ago, she expanded to owning a studio and unique creative hub in Central London: Dog Eared Studios. She completed her debut feature film last year, “And Then I was French” (screened at East End Film Festival, Middlebury Film Festival). It was nominated for best thriller at the National Film Awards in London, and Little White Lies and Hero Magazine announced it as a must see. The film stars Joanna Vanderham (“What Maisie Knew”, “The Paradise” and presently starring with Ralph Fiennes in Richard III in the West End) is a kooky, genre-twisting commercial thriller with a surrealist tilt aimed at young adults and will be releasing through Summer Hill Films in 2017.

Selected FIlmography:

AND THEN I WAS FRENCH 106 minutes, 4K Dog Eared Films. Genre twisting psychological thriller starring Joanna Vanderham, Lewis Rainer and Tom Forbes.

RUMINATE, JAN 14 8 minutes, Dog Eared Films Drama starring Rebecca Hall. Screened at St. Louis International Film Festival.

HIS UTERUS, HER LOVER 2011 20 minutes, RED Dog Eared Films. Cleveland International film Festival

GIRL BLUE RUNNING SHOE 2010 15 minutes, Super 8 Great North Run Culture

THE BOWLER HAT 2009 3 minutes, HDV Filmaka A short film commissioned by Filmaka for the next level of their feature film competition.

HUBCAPS AND BATHTUBS 2009 4 minutes, HDV Commonwealth Vision Awards. Short film funded by the Commonwealth Vision Awards focusing on global challenges and the new generation.

GWEIPO 2006 10 minutes, 16mm LFS – Graduation Film. Drama starring Francesca Annis. Shot on location in Hong Kong. AFIA film festival, Denmark – Won Special Jury Prize 2007. Tiger Far East Film Festival, London – Won Best Short 2008. Also shown at Tiburon Film Festival, IVY film Festival, Cinefest Sudbury


Shortlisted project: "Four Hands" written by Laetitia Mikles

Logline: Helen (20) has a dream. She wants to go to university, get a diploma, become a writer and defend her political ideas. But Helen is blind. And deaf.

Laetitia is a director, a scriptwriter and a film critic. After her studies in sociology and in documentary filmmaking, she shot documentaries of creation. Her first subject of interest is silence as a way of communicating: Touched (portraits of deaf-blind people who manage to communicate thanks to a tactile sign language), Lucie Goes to School (the life a trisomy girl in a nursery school) and De profundis (a monastery lying in the cold waters of an artificial lake). Prize-winner in the residence of artists Villa Kijoyama, she shot a portrait of the Japanese filmmaker Naomi Kawase (Nothing fade), met one of the rare Black Japanese (Japanese is Not a Scientific Language) and investigated on a former yakuza (Kijima Stories). Her movies have been selected in international and European festivals (Moscow, Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Paris, Marseille, La Rochelle). She also is a film critic for the French review Positif. Four Hands is her first full-length film of fiction.

Selected Filmography

The Hidden Flaw of the Navajos (short fiction) 2016

1st Prize for scripts adapted from a short story, Travelling Festival, Rennes, 2011

 2nd Prize of short film scripts of the European Film of Lille 2012

Over There The Wind is Blowing (documentary of creation 59’), 2015.

Kijima Stories (documentary of creation, 30’), 2013

The Japanese Idiom Is Not a Scientific Language, (radio doc., 30’), 2011.

Nothing Vanishes, Zeugma Films, Cinécinéma (documentary of creation, 52’), 2008

Grant from “artists-in-residence” - Villa Kujoyama, Kyoto

Discovery Prize 2009 of the Scam (Society of the Authors).

 Selected in the Festivals of Lussas, Les Ecrans documentaires (France), Indie Lisboa (Portugal), Athens

International Avant-Garde Film Festival (Greece), Festival of Toyama (Japan)…

De Profundis, in coll. with Olivier Ciechelski, (documentary of creation, 52’), 2004.

Selected in Festivals of Marseille, Lussas, Palerme, Vendôme, Belfort, Arcueil…

Prod. Atopic Films-France 3, Financial support from Bourgogne-Franche Comté Region and Ain

Touched (documentary of creation, 26’), 2003

1st Prize Helen Keller International Award of Glasgow (Scotland)

 Selected in the Festivals of St Petersburg (Russia), Stockholm (Sweden), Moscow (Russia), Brussels (Prize), Dresde, (Germany), Nancy, Arcueil, Paris (“Retour d’images”), Caen, Vendôme (France).

Lucie Goes To School, (documentary of creation, 52’), 2001. Laureate of the TV channel France3 contest « First Challenges », 2001.