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EWA awards Waterproof at DOK Leipzig

EWA’s second development award at the DOK Leipzig co-pro market goes to “Waterproof”

For the second time, EWA Network has awarded a female-led project at the DOK Leipzig co-production market.

This year, out of 35 projects presented at the market, 20 projects were eligible for this prize. The award goes to a project that tells with a lot of humour and lightness a story of women emancipation full of obstacles and small victories. EWA appreciated the intention of the director to adopt a different perspective on how this emancipation is happening in the Middle East.

EWA is happy to award the team of Waterproof, director Daniela König and producer Michaela Pnacekova. In her project, German director Daniela König explores the daily lives and challenges of four female plumbers in Jordan, one of the driest countries in the world. "Waterproof" will document the fight of these women as well as the way of the water.