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Glitches awarded by EWA at FKM festival

EWA Network distinguish GLITCHES with the script award at FKM festival to "Glitches", a sci-fi with women in leading roles

EWA Network alongside the Galician Screenwriters Guild (AGAC) and the Independent Producers Association AGAPI were honoured to give the award for the best genre script with a gender perspective at the  FKM-Fantastic Film Festival of La Coruña to "Glitches" by Antón Varela Rodríguez. The jury also gave a special mention to "Test" by María Vázquez López.

The jury, composed by scriptwriter Nico Campos, producer Diego Casal and director Alexia Muíños as representatives from the 3 associations,  considered the quality of the writing, the viability of the project and how women characters were depicted to highlight these two sci-fi works among a wide sample. We are looking forward to seeing these shortfilms next year.