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EWA awards “Leftover Women” at DOK Leipzig

EWA and DOK Leipzig Development Award goes to "Leftover Women"

EWA Network and DOK Leipzig development award went to the project "Leftover Women" by Shosh Shlam and Hilla Medalia, a courageous project that gives voice to well educated women who are excluded from the Chinese society because their personal desire goes beyond getting married and settled. The project tackles with the universal issue of women who struggle to find their own path against social dictates.

EWA Network director Alessia Sonaglioni gave the award to the directors team.

The award brings with it continued support of the selected film project. The makers of the prizewinning project will also be invited to DOK Leipzig the year after being awarded the prize. This will give them the opportunity to take advantage of the festival's networking possibilities and even submit their film to DOK Leipzig should it be completed.