Women’s national networks

EWA is in regular contact with many national women’s networks and held a multi-network meeting at Berlin Film Festival, 2014.

Austria - FC Gloria
FC GLORIA was launched in April 2010 and has its headquarters in Vienna; its activities extend to the whole of Austria. FC GLORIA does not see itself as an association in the usual sense, but as a group of individuals from various areas of the industry, who have set themselves the goal to support and strengthen female filmmakers.


Belgium - European Women’s Lobby

The European women’s lobby was founded in 1990 with 12 national member organisations, the European Women’s Lobby is one of the oldest and best established European-level civil society NGOs. Over the last 20 years, EWL membership has grown steadily to reach more than 2500 organisations across 31 European countries.


Finland - WIFTV
Women in Film & Television Finland is a politically independent, cultural and professional not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to promote its members’ professional activities, education, professional achievements, networking, and to act as a promoter of Finnish film, television and the moving image culture from the gender equality perspective.

WIFT Finland works in collaboration with other cultural and moving image organizations, and maintains relations with similar associations abroad and participates in international activities in its fields of operation.

Website: www.wift.fi


France - Le Deuxième Regard

Le deuxième regard is a network of film professionals working to promote greater gender equality in the film industry in both creative and managerial positions.


France - FCTV
FCTV Paris (WIFT Paris) - Women in Film, TV & Digital media (Paris) is a leading membership organisation for women working in creative media in France, and is part of an international network of over 10,000 women worldwide. Members of the organisation come from a broad range of professions spanning the entire creative media industry.

They host a variety of events throughout the year, networking evenings, collaborate with industry bodies on research projects and lobby for women’s interests.


Germany - WIFT Germany

WIFT Germany is a business network for women in the film and television industry and digital media, launched in 2005.

WIFT Germany organizes regular industry meetings, trainings and screenings in Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart and organizes events at the Berlinale and the Munich Film Festival.


Iceland - WIFT
WIFT Iceland was founded in 2006 and today it has around 300 members. WIFT Iceland’s main goal is to create a network for women in the industry, increase diversity in the medium by educating and empowering women and promoting them. WIFT Iceland organizes workshops, script competitions, lectures and events amongst other things.


Ireland - WIFT

Women in Film and Television Ireland provides a professional forum for the advancement and celebration of women working in the film, television and radio industries. WFTV Ireland currently has over 100 members.


Italy - Laboratorio Immagine Donna

Laboratorio Immagine Donna is a cultural association, which was born in Florence, Italy, from the fact that there was a lack of female participation in the construction of the world’s representation. At times of mass communication, this means depriving humanity of the result of women’s freedom, their talents and their resources. The Laboratorio has been running an international women’s film festival since 1978.



Norway - WIFT

WIFT Norway is a politically independent non-profit organization. It works on a regional, national and international basis and was founded on 8 March 2005 with the purpose of enhancing and highlighting women working professionally in film and television.

WIFT Norway’s main objective is to contribute to the greatest possible diversity by contributing to creating greater participation of women at all levels and in all aspects of the industry.


Spain- AAMMA
The Andalucian Association of Women in Audiovisual Media (AAMMA), founded in 2013, was set up with the aim of achieving a balanced representation of professionals in the audiovisual sector.
These women believe that through audiovisual and egalitarian policies, they can help to build a society free of violence.
AAMMA is present in eight Andalucian territories and organizes activities and projects. It has become an interlocutor for the Andalucian Culture and Equality Institutions to achieve meaningful progress by drafting new Audiovisual laws on gender equality
Spain - CIMA
CIMA is an association of more than 200 professional women with a common goal, to promote the equal representation of women in the audiovisual sector, thus contributing to creating a more balanced and diverse society.


Spain - Drac Magic
Drac Màgic was founded in Barcelona in 1970. Based on cinema and audiovisual media Drac Màgic designs a wide range of schemes and programmes dealing with media literacy, the representation of women in the media, the presence of women as filmmakers, and also conducts debates based on film screenings to approach different social issues. Drac Màgic is in charge of creating, developing and implementing these projects. Since 1993 it has also run the International Women’s Film Festival of Barcelona, which promotes films made by women.


Sweden - Doris Film

In 1999, the Doris network was launched by a group of female filmmakers, producers, screenwriters, directors, assistant directors, set designers, writers and film students. Doris wanted to examine how stereotypes about men and women featured on the silver and TV screen can affect individuals. Doris Film is run by a cooperative that primarily work as volunteers.



Sweden - WIFT

The Swedish chapter of Women in Film and Television, Wift Sverige, was founded in Stockholm in 2003. Within a few months, groups of Wift members also formed in Göteborg, Malmö and Luleå. Since 2005, Wift Sverige has also been a member of WIFT International, WIFTI.

Wift Sverige organizes meetings and events for members on a regular basis. Lunches and after-work meetings with specially invited guests are held every month in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. So far, Wift Sverige has had two festivals of its own – both on International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2006 and 2008. Workshops, lectures, screenings and showcases are other opportunities we create for members and others to network, create and develop ideas. Wift hosts seminars and social events in connection with film festivals in Sweden.


UK- Animated Women

Animated Women UK’s mission is to positively support, represent, celebrate and encourage women in the animation and visual effects (VFX) industries across the UK. We want women from all backgrounds of the industry and at every stage in their career to fulfil their potential and realise their dreams. We value openness, honesty and a positive approach towards collaborating with women and mean across the UK to achieve our mission.


UK- Raising Films

RAISING FILMS aims to address one of the issues that prevents many female filmmakers from pursuing their careers, to enable filmmakers with families to keep working and feel supported during demanding times in their personal lives, and to challenge at a structural level the demands the film industry makes of all of us.


UK- Reel Angels
Agency of women in crew. Reel Angels is the first and only agency for female technical crew for Tv/Film/Live Events. We introduce you to hand-picked Camera/ Lighting and Sound crews.









Women in Film & TV (UK) is the leading membership organisation for women working in creative media in the UK, and is part of an international network of over 10,000 women worldwide. Members of our organisation come from a broad range of professions spanning the entire creative media industry.

We host a variety of events throughout the year, present a glamorous awards ceremony every December, and run a mentoring programme for women in the industry. We also host networking evenings, collaborate with industry bodies on research projects and lobby for women’s interests.





International network of women’s film festivals

The International Women’s Film Festival Network (IWFFN) was created in 2012 to support and promote women’s voices, visions and leadership, both onscreen and behind the scenes.

The Network will strive to amplify the visibility of women filmmakers, more prominently showcase their work across the globe, and demonstrate that audiences attend films about women and girls.




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