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Isabel Coixet

EWA network is proud to have as its President the highly successful, award-winning Spanish director Isabel Coixet. Her powerful filmography includes : "My life without me" (2003), "The secret life of words" (2005), "Elegy" (2008), "Map of the sounds of Tokyo" (2009) and "Yesterday never ends" (2012), which was screened in the Panorama Special section in Berlin 2013. Isabel Coixet was a member of the Camera d’Or jury at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and her latest film "Nobody wants the night" opened the Berlinale in 2015.

Photo by Mauricio Retiz


Introducing the team

EWA has a committed and strong multi-cultural team, advisory board and executive body. This allows EWA to act as a pan-European umbrella to support its members and meet its objectives through: advocacy, bridge-building, training and research.

Executive body:

Executive President - Ada Solomon (Film Producer)

Vice-President - Zeynep Özbatur Atakan (Producer)


Kristina Trapp (EAVE)

Julianne Schulze (Peaceful Fish)

Treasurer - Isabel Castro 

General Secretary - Nicholas David Mackenzie

Secretary - Susan Newman

Executive Team:

Network Director- Alessia Sonaglioni

Alessia is a founding member of EWA network. With a long standing experience as media lawyer and programme manager at the Council of Europe, she joined Eurimages in 2010 as project manager gaining experience in legal and financial issues linked to European films coproductions. She is also a certified coach and a human rights expert. Her engagement for gender equality comes mainly from her human rights background. She strongly believes that women, half of the world population, should have the same opportunities to tell their stories, express themselves and their own talents, and have their stories heard. EWA Network director since February 2016 (

Network Head of PR -Francine Hetherington Raveney

Francine is the former Director of the EWA Network (Jan. 2013-Feb 2016), and is currently Head of Research and PR for the Network. She has been executive producer of a number of films, including « En la Ciudad sin brújula » by Antonio Savinelli and has been working on Isabel Coixet’s upcoming documentary on John Berger. An expert in European co-productions, Francine regularly teaches at film schools and training courses, and acts as a project consultant, especially on gender policy. She studied French and English at Oxford University, followed by Women’s studies, has worked in communication (especially editing) and is committed to good communication and equality in the audiovisual sector. (


Network Deputy Director - Alexia Muiños Ruiz (Film Director)

Born in La Coruña, Alexia graduated in Chemistry and studied at the Conservatory of Music before leaving for Barcelona where extended her education by graduating in Film Studies and completed her training in New York City. For the past years, she has been working in several facets of the Film / Advertising Industry as director/actor and founded her production company in 2014. Her debut feature film is Noche Transfigurada. Currently working on the film "As Troitas cantan ao mencer" (Trout sing at Dawn). ( 

Project Manager- Cecilia Johnson-Ferguson

With two Master Degrees in both International & European Governance (WWU Münster, Germany) and Management of Cultural Institutions (Sciences Po Lille, France), Cecilia graduated in 2015 with a dissertation on the inequalities in the French documentary sector for female directors. She started joining EWA’s team as a volunteer during her final year at University, and is now employed since February 2016 as Project Manager for EWA’s various activities. Furthermore, she assists EWA executive director Alessia Sonaglioni in the every day management of the network, working from the Shadok offices in Strasbourg. 

Advisory board:

Holly Aylett (Global Policy Institute)
Pauline Durand-Vialle (CEO-FERA)
Elin Erichsen (Training expert - NFI)
Benja Stig Fagerland (SHEconomics) 
Kate Kinninmont MBE (Director - WFTVUK)
Dorota Ostrowska (Birkbeck college, London University) 
Colin Pons (Producer, UK and head of workstation Sheffield) 
Jan Runge (Unic) 
Anna Serner (CEO-Swedish Film Institute) Elisabeth Sjaastad (CEO-FERA) 
Carole Tongue (former MEP, advisor on audiovisual policy)

If you would like to join the team as a volunteer or in another capacity please send us an e-mail at:


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