Producer at Pinball London, UK

A full time film producer, Paula has worked in ra- dio, TV, printed media, digital platforms and films for over two decades. Previous to her career in filmmaking, she was a full time journalist for a decade in Latin America and Spain.

She founded Pinball London in 2009 as a pro- duction company committed to international long feature films with an auteur zeal. Since 2003 she has worked in productions combining the US, Latin America and Europe with world known filmmakers such as Sally Potter, Emir Kusturica, Guillermo Arriaga, Oliver Stone, Jim Jarmusch, Mira Nair, Bahman Ghobadi, Warwick Thornton, Hideo Nakata, Hector Babenco, Alex de la Igle- sia, Edoardo de Angelis, and Aaron Brookner among others.

Within Pinball London, she leads Pinball Audi- ences, a team providing impact producing ser- vices, training, and film distribution consultancy in the US, Europe and Latin America. Under the banner Pinball Arts, the company also creates ancillary content that links films to a wider world at the intersection of art, engineering and tech- nology.

Paula has trained emerging producers for over a decade and has helped facilitate workshops for GoodPitch2, FIDBA and Lumiton in Argentina, DocMontevideo in Uruguay, and Doc Sao Paulo in Brazil. Since 2015 she has provided training for Regional Producers in South America in partnership with British Council and the regional film agencies on Impact Producing for docs and fiction films. She is a professor at Kingston Uni- versity in London.


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