Nurdan Tümbek Tekeoğlu

Producer Nurdan Tümbek Tekeoglu is born in İstanbul in 1964. Finished Sankt Georg,Austrian Gymnasium in İstanbul in 1983 and later graduated from sociology department at the Bosphorus University in 1988. Tekeoglu worked in different national and international companies as Garanti Bank, Bayraktar Holding, Siemens,The Ritz Carlton at different levels of corporate communication and marketing management positions for 25 years. She was head of representative Office of Metro AG for 10 years and left in 2011 to teach to university students and work as film maker in Medya Ton, a company she and her husband Orhan Tekeoglu, journalist,director and academician established in 2007. In 2010 she finished her PhD in marketing at Marmara University. She produced first İFAKAT, a documentary with an award from TRT,STATE TV channel and many others from festivals in 2010 and I LOVED YOU SO MUCH, a feature with formal selection to Moskow Film Festival,Kiev Film Festival and with best foreign film awards from Canada İnternational Film Festival and Portobello Film Festival and nearly more than 25 festival screenings.

She is working for a new documentary EXTRAORDİNARY PEOPLE, fight and stories of people in wild natüre at Blacksea region with their inventions and creative ideas. The documentary reflects that human beings should never give up with creating new ideas and solutions even under very difficult conditions.

She has launched a crowfunding campaign to help fund this movie. The shooting is scheduled for July August in GİRESUN,TRABZON AND RİZE.



The Black Sea Region people are different. The hard life of the wild nature makes them unusal. They challenge the wild nature between two amazing blue paysage: sea and sky.

This challenge becomes a joke, sometimes it becomes an invention.

Bilal Atasoy, 83 years old, is a retired muslim religious leader. He’s been living in Gundogu, Rize, for a really long time.

He hungs his home to the cliffs and he prefers to live like that. But it’s not the last thing, he adds another room to the really edge of the cliff. And he starts to use that room as his bedroom. He feels like he’s in the sky, everytime he wakes up.

Ali Nacca, 55 years old, is living in Çamlıhemşin, Rize with his family. There’s a river between his house and the road. He puts a iron wire between two of them and even though it’s really dangerous, he use it for years, and he sees it as if it’s normal.

In Giresun, Çanakçı area, Kuşköy village, people communicate with whistling for years. Women, men, young – old, girls- boys, they send their messages by whistling. They open some public courses so that they can improve their talent.

In Rize Tunca, they race with wooden cars! Even their wooden ambulance has always been ready!

This year it’ll be held as 120th, the Sisdagı festival, they dance and they go into trance while dancing!


Director’s statement

The North Black Sea Region has the perfect geographie which touch our souls. Amazing view of nature between the blue sky and the blue sea. But don’t let this peaceful nature view fool you, it effects people’s characters with the rain, the fog, the vavy sea, and the infinite mountains...

The difficult way of the nature, makes the people ambitious, stubborn and clever. The way of looking at life becomes sometimes a joke, sometimes it opens a whole new window.

With their wild inventions, they become the subject of thesis of other countries universities, sometimes they become a weird news at TV.

This peoples lifestyle and their resistance to the hard life and their desire to create alternative solutions have always been influenced me.

This resistance makes them unusual with their amazing and natural talent. The life of Bilal Atasoy who hang his house jut next to the cliff really influenced me.

With my researches, I saw in the Black Sea Region, there were more than one Bilal Atasoy...






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