Nicholas Holdsworth


A British, Moscow-based writer and journalist with 25 years’ experience of covering Russian and Eastern European affairs for outlets including the London Times, Sunday Telegraph, Variety and the Hollywood Reporter. Author of two books on Russian affairs and has written/ directed 5 short documentary films on youth training opportunities on Europe’s borders.

Project: drama-documentary work in progress "Napoleon’s Lost Imperial Gold"

Napoleon’s Lost Imperial Gold combines an archaeological dig, creative documentary and cross-media applications - including a Do It Yourself battlefield tour mobile phone app - in an engaging and thrilling experience that is part classic history doc and part treasure hunt.

In December 1812 a dwindling band of desperate men - once part of Napoleon’s Grande Armee, the finest military formation of its day - were retreating from Moscow during the harshest winter in living memory. Military discipline finally evaporated at the foot of an impassably icy hill when a wagon loads of gold and silver coins - the army’s pay train - toppled over, sparking a murderous frenzy as men frantically stuffed their pockets full of loot, intent only on escape and survival.
Napoleon’s Lost Imperial Gold will dig at the site - the first archaeological exploration there ever - and tell the story of Napoleon’s failed mission to subjugate Russia and unite Europe.



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