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We are pleased to announce that the first edition of the flagship Multiple Revenue Stream Training for Future Films course is coming to its conclusion.The third and final workshop and project pitch to a board of experts, distributors and buyers will take place from 22nd to 24th January 2016 in Barcelona.

Topics for this masterclass include:

-Online distribution using mobile technology, with Kobi Shely, marketing expert, Distrify Media

-Study of film distribution and exploitation rights through two case studies (focusing on how to deal with holdbacks and territory issues in the framework of a European co-production and in the second case, the various steps of a day-and-date release strategy and how to address an internet fan base) with Manuel Monzón, distributor, Monzón Films

-Cross-media: financing and distribution case-studies, with Kristin Ulseth, producer, Maipo

-Online marketing strategies, with Marta Baldó, marketing expert, Working At Weekend

-Challenges of entering the competitive film market, and the associated costs and rewards with Manuela Buono, Slingshot Films

-New distribution models: the example of EDEN with Eva Morsch-Kihn, Cinélatino

-Distribution: dealing with exhibitors and film festival strategy with Erica Anderson, Seed and Spark.


A networking cocktail will follow the masterclasses, 1-2-1 sessions and pitches, and will take place immediately after a short ceremony to award certificates to participants having successfuly complete the course.


Multiple Revenue Stream Training Course- Workshop in Barcelona
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