Last places available on EWA’s flagship innovative training course: MRST4FFBack


Would you like to discover how insider knowledge of the Internet and online marketing techniques can help you raise financing independently and attract wider audiences?

Did you miss the deadline for the second “Multiple Revenue stream training for Future Films” course?

We have good news for you. There are still 2 places available for this Creative Europe-supported course organized by the EWA network.


Please write to us at:

for more information

If you're attending Cannes Film Festival and would like to find out more you can request a meeting with a member of the team by writing to:


Key objectives of the course:

  • To equip audiovisual professionals with the necessary skills to reach a wider international audience through an innovative training course designed with experts in online marketing & distribution alongside new business models for the film industry.
  • To encourage producers and content creators to use new technologies in order to develop their projects more independently way so as to ensure their projects remain competitive in a digital context;
  • To explore varied distribution channels to ensure optimal audience reach.


The Course

During the course participants will attend two workshops, as well as undertaking inter-course assignments:

Workshop one – Pisa, Italy (29 June – 3 July 2016)

(crowd-funding, branding, social marketing to reach wider audiences, etc.)

Workshop two – Strasbourg, France (23-27 November 2016)

(exploration of varied distribution channels, new business models, anticipation of multiple revenue streams)


Apply before May 24th

Last places available on EWA’s flagship innovative training course: MRST4FF
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Strasbourg: 11 rue Charles Bergmann, 67000, Strasbourg, France