Network aims to get more femmes in the biz

VARIETY, February 2013

A new European organization for women working in the film industry launches in Berlin today, by Nick Holdsworth.

The European Women’s Audiovisual Network, headed by Spanish director Isabel Coixet, whose “Yesterday Never Ends” is playing in the Panorama Special section, aims to create more opportunities for female directors, crew and specialists across the creative industries, including film, television, games and online media

It’s particularly keen to bring on more femme directors, particularly in features, and up the overall representation of women in the industry.

Coixet said she had experienced difficulties raising money for her films and felt strongly that it was related to her gender.

“Every time I teach in a film school I face the same challenge: how to teach girls to believe they really can be film directors, when I know it is going to be much more difficult for them then for boys,” Coixet said. “I always use a very graphic example: the film industry is like a rocky mountain; boys climb with boots and sticks, girls must climb naked except for a pair of really high heels and suitcase full of stones.”

The cultural dismissal of women was so ingrained that many people, including some women, did not see it as a problem, she added.

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