Multiple Revenue Stream Training for Future Films

Call for applications: Multiple Revenue Stream Training for Future Films (MRST4FF) 2016


The European Women’s Audiovisual Network is pleased to announce a call for applications from European audiovisual professionals to participate in the second edition of its innovative Multiple Revenue Stream Training Course For Future Films.

The key objective of MRST4FF is to equip European audiovisual professionals with the necessary skills to reach a wide international audience in the context of digital convergence, through an innovative training course designed with experts in online marketing & distribution and new business models for the film industry.


New application deadline:April 1st, 2016

You can download here the application form

You can download here these  regulations 


Promoting and protecting cultural diversity of audiovisual content is one of the goals of EWA. The Network and its members strive to attain greater gender equality in the audiovisual sector for creative roles (producer, director and scriptwriter) and technical crew and to encourage greater reflection on representations of gender identity in audiovisual content. In order to ensure that cultural diversity of content is safeguarded and promoted it is vital that European producers and content creators assimilate a wider range of new business models, marketing skills, branding and crowd-funding knowledge and online distribution skillsets. 

The course “Multiple Revenue Stream Training For Future Films” will encourage producers and content creators to use new technologies and ensure their projects have diverse content. This will in turn help ensure their projects remain competitive in a digital context, which can see more users turning to VOD platforms.


The Course

During the course participants will attend two workshops:

Workshop one – Pisa, Italy (29 June – 3 July 2016)

Workshop two – Strasbourg, France (23-27 November 2016)

The training course will accompany producers/content creators with a project and with a desire to exploit new technologies in an innovative and up-to-date manner, through training in social marketing, strategizing, branding and crowd-funding for their projects (Workshop 1), specifically relevant negotiation and pitching in order to acquire the skillsets necessary to secure product placement and other deals which can later feed into the multiple revenue streams, e.g. online distribution of the film and devising strategies for multiple media distribution of their projects (smartphones, VOD, traditional theatrical release, etc.), securing contracts for digital distribution and follow-on marketing support and credible business plans for multiple revenue stream income from projects (Workshop 2).

Trainers & Tutors

The training sessions and online tutoring will be conducted by renowned professionals.

Read more information on the first edition of MRST4FF here:



To be eligible, the participant must:

Have experience in production/content creation and, if possible, have done some crowd-funding;

Show demonstrable interest in new technologies to develop their projects;

Be fluent in English as the course will be held entirely in English.

Selection of participants

Applications from producers and content creators with industry experience will be considered.

Please note, that only two places are available for non-European participants (i.e. not from Creative-Europe member states). The selection of participants will be on a competitive basis. Applications will be reviewed by a project panel, who will make a short-list of selected applications and conduct online interviews. A letter of confirmation will be sent to the 15 selected participants. Two scholarships will be granted to applicants and the desire to be considered for this should be stipulated in the application form.

How to apply

The total cost of the course is €2 000 (2 x €1 000) and this will cover accommodation and meals in the locations where the 2 workshops will take place. Airfare and visa expenses are NOT included in this fee. 

The organisers will offer two scholarships. If you would like to be considered eligible to obtain a scholarship, please indicate this in the application form. Producers and content creators interested in participating in the course should prepare their applications as an electronic text document (word or pdf). There are many other local and national scholarships and we can advise on this too. 

The application must include the following information in the order listed:

Your completed application form

Your CV

A letter explaining why you would like to participate in this course (no more than 2 pages)

A copy of your passport showing your personal data and validity by end 2016

The implementation plan of the project you will carry out during the course (max. 4 pages), including:  

1. A description of how participating in the course is in agreement with the orientation of your project and how it links to your previous projects.

2. A synopsis of the project (max 1000 words). If available/relevant, please include a script or a treatment describing the project as well as the names and CVs of the director and other confirmed cast/crew.

3. A provisional budget and financing plan.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.


The application must be submitted by email to: 

by midnight Central European Time, 1 April 2016.

The email subject line must include "MRST4FF_Application_[full name]". EWA will acknowledge receipt of all applications. Please note that an acknowledgement of receipt does not imply that the application is eligible for review.

Applicants who do not receive an acknowledgement within 2 days should write to:







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