This multidisciplinary course provides guidance on strategic digital film marketing and distribution strategies.The key objective of MRST4FF is to equip European audiovisual professionals with the necessary skills to reach a wide international audience in the context of digital convergence, through an innovative training course designed with experts in online marketing & distribution and new business models for the film industry. Participants were taught to consider films in terms of digitized data content, thereby helping them to see their projects in the context of innovative business models which can help generate multiple revenues.

Workshop one - Glasgow, Scotland (26-28 June 2015)

Explore how to implement successful crowdfunding strategies, develop and reach your audience and enhance your entrepreneurial spirit.

Workshop two - Amsterdam, Netherlands (23-25 October 2015)

Embrace working with and pitching to brands, and learn how to effectively use online marketing tools and techniques.

Workshop three - Barcelona, Spain (22-24 January 2016)

Learn about the latest business models for wide distribution and pitch your project to experts from traditional and digital distribution.


These are the participants who successfully completed the course.

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