Miljana Martinovic


A Serbian Programme director and Film producer at Baboon Productions. Extensive experience in film production, film distribution, event management and coordination in different settings.

 Project: "LIVING" written by Vuk Ršumović

A Man (37, RADOVAN), lives with his GRANDMOTHER (82) in an old cottage in a remote part of Serbia. A Woman (24, WASSILA), comes illegally to Serbia as an immigrant from Syria. During her flight across the border she gets lost and Radovan, trying to find his lost cow Belka, finds her in the forest. The woman is in pain, she is in labor. In a matter of minutes, in front of Radovan, she delivers a baby boy. Radovan takes care of her and the child in his old cottage. The next day, Wassila falls ill and Radovan takes her and the child to the hospital in a town some 50 km away. He leaves them there and goes back home. A few days later, Radovan comes back to see Wassila but she is gone. He finds out that she left for Europe and that she had to leave her baby boy behind. She leaves a message for Radovan with the boy, that says: "If Aashir lives, take care of him, if he dies, bury him." Six years later, Radovan organizes a funeral. There is a curly little boy with him. It is AASHIR, now a six-year-old. Radovan’s grandmother has died. After the funeral, Radovan looks through his grandmother’s stuff and finds a huge pile of money in her mattress. That night, a terrible storm comes and ruins his crops. Radovan keeps his cow Belka in the house to save her life. The next morning, Radovan decides to leave everything and go with the boy.

He takes off with Aashir on a journey through Europe and an almost impossible adventure of finding the boy’s mother. 




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