Marina Lazarevska


A Macedonian media expert specialized in cultural and cinema events, Marina graduated with a degree in journalism. She is now working for three different companies, assisting in the PR strategies, creating daily content on festival events and organizing conferences.



Project: VOD-platform SEEMOVIES


One of the most common problem of the South East European film companies and Funds is distribution of the films produced from small companies and small countries. The Region in 2013 has produced more than 240 feature films, more than 100 documentary films and about 300 short films. But all these films hardly find their way to viewers. The countries from South East Europe (Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Kosovo, Cyprus and Turkey) all together have population of more than 140 million citizens. That represents a huge potential market that is interested in films from this Region. All the above-mentioned countries in 2013 have produced in all categories (feature, short, documentary, animated) about 650 films, many of which don’t have sales agents, or worldwide distribution. The life of these films usually ends with occasional participation of two “smaller” festivals. There is no distribution and not at all return of the investment for the production of the film. Only a few films manage to break through to bigger festivals, and very few films can boast a “wider distribution” in several countries. It is planned to be a platform for feature films and feature documentaries as a dominant content, but also for short films from the region, with special sections for young and upcoming authors.

The regional VoD platform will be a new alternative tool that can help the distribution of films in the region and beyond. "SeeMovies" on the beginning will be a VoD platform for promotion and distribution of films from 13 countries from the South East Europe region. Our company has already started with design and development of VoD platform.


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