Marina Kunarova


Kazakhstan-based Producer, Director and Scriptwriter, Marina has worked on over 15 film productions since 2004. Her feature films, documentaries and TV-shows have been screened and awarded amongst others at Cannes, the « Black Tallin » Film Festival in Estonia and the SCHLINGEL Film Festival in Germany.

Project: Golden Eagle

A story is about a teenager Max, who undergoes a family tragedy. After his mother’s death his disabled dad starts drinking heavily. The reason for that becomes her notes in a diary explaining how she set up her husband’s car crash accident in order to make him be dependent on her. She loved him so much that she didn’t want to lose him.

Max is an outsider at school. He doesn’t have friends and has a very low self-esteem. His life changes when she meets a new schoolteacher Clare. Clare used to be a science committee whose theory about “Phenomenon of Hitler” does not get approved. As a result, Clare decides to prove her theory in practice. According to her theory each of us have Hitler inside, and by manipulating the person you can awaken him.

Max becomes a perfect match for Clare. She starts her experiments and in front of her eyes Max turns from a quite introvert into a dictator that rules the school. His personality gets completely destroyed. The experiment goes way too far and it seems like old good Max we used to know will never come back. However, Clare doesn’t care. Proving her theory is more important to her than destroying Max’s life. What it makes to think of another theory of "Phenomenon of Nero" human selfishness, a contagious disease of social society.





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