Financing is vital if your creative dream is to become a reality. Here are some useful tips.

A great starting place to find out which financing options are open to you in Europe is the Korda database from the European audiovisual observatory. This search engine allows you to identify public funding available for film and audiovisual works throughout Europe, including at international level.

The Creative Europe programme provides invaluable help to the European Union’s film and audiovisual industries in developing, distributing and promoting their work. The development support scheme, in particular, has helped many projects get off the ground.

The Eurimages film fund supports co-productions and includes 36 member states.

The following is also a useful source of film financing information:


As money becomes thin on the ground in Europe, co-productions as a means of raising film financing, have become an increasingly popular option. However, it should be noted that they will incur greater costs overall and can be complicated to set in motion. If raising money at national level, from private investors, or by other means, such as crowd-funding campaigns, sponsors, in-kind investments, public support, broadcasters, pre-sales and distribution Minima guarantees and so on is not enough, they can be an attractive solution.

Official European co-productions are regulated by the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production as well as the relevant bilateral treaties between the countries concerned. These can normally be found on the website of the competent national authority.

In addition, for those producers wishing to file a Eurimages application, the Eurimages regulations must be abided by, especially as far as the financial structure of the co-production is concerned. Eurimages support should be seen as completion financing and will, if the project is fortunate enough to receive it, close the financing plan. The Eurimages website is packed full of tips and advice for producers - and is well worth reading through to make sure that any application is eligible. The team is present at many industry events for co-production queries.

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