New Austrian study on Gender Equality Back


The Austrian Film Institute published its first national Film Gender Report covering the years 2012-2016.
In this report, you can find facts and figures about the distribution of public funding, the gender pay gap, representation of women on screen, festival presence and gender representation at the Filmakademie Wien.
As you might expect, there still is a long way to go before reaching gender equality in the Austrian film industry according to the results of the study. For instance, 80% of public funding goes to projects led by male directors, although 44% of the graduates from the Filmakademie Wien are women. 
The report sheds a light on the measures that have been put in place so far, such as data gathering, the ProPro workshops and the 2017 Gender Incentive, and promises the release of a follow up study in 2019 to measure the changes in the industry. 
You can read the complete study (in German only) here: 

New Austrian study on Gender Equality
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