Giovanna Ribes’s The Family will premiere at 38th Cairo Film Festival Back




The Family (Dementia) has started its festival circuit with 2 selections at the 38th Cairo International Film Festival and the 47th International Film Festival of India in Goa.


The Family (Dementia) is the second feature film by Valencian director (EWA Member) Giovanna Ribes. Produced by Taranná Films, it will have its festival premiere in November.


The Family (Dementia) is a rough portrait of a family dealing with the senile dementia of its oldest member. Starred by Pep Cortés and young actor Ciro Maró, together with two actresses that already worked with Ribes in ‘A Soft Scent of Cinnamon', Lola Moltó and Mireia Pérez and with the special participation of Sergio Caballero and Hwidar Abdelatif.

The director decides for a complex film, not only for the themes treated but also for the visual form used: a B&W that reminds of Italian Neorealism. And again she pays homage to her hometown, Valencia, for the locations, except of the French part, and also with the daring choice of using Valencian as main language.

The film has been supported by the Valencia Film Institute (Culturarts IVAC) since its development, and it's a co-production between Taranná Films, the French production company MC2 and Miriquidi Film from Germany.

National theatrical release  is expected at the beginning of 2017.



Trailer_LaFamilia_VOSENG_laurel from Tarannà Films on Vimeo.


PRESS CONTACT: Deborah Micheletti

+34 622 71 19 79








Giovanna Ribes’s The Family will premiere at 38th Cairo Film Festival
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