A collective homage to Women filmmakers at Barcelona Women’s Film Festival Back


Barcelona International Women's Film Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary with a creative project for female artists and filmmakers.

Along this journey we have become debtors as well as heirs of the female filmmakers oeuvres. For that reason, to share genealogies, the festival invites the creators, film critics and filmmakers to share their bonds and cinematic influences with us. The festival has discovered and revealed the cinematic works of more than 800 filmmakers from all over the world, and has screened more than 1.000 films directed by women. As a result, with all the collaborations, an installation will be held  that, like an archipelago, will show a diverse group of female gazes around this common place of ours: cinema and audiovisual culture.

You can participate by filling this form.

Deadline: 15th September 2017.


- You can present either audiovisual work, photographs, gifs or written texts.

- Films must be 3 minutes long maximum and in a HD quality.

- Send it via wetransfer or myairbridge to 25mostra@dracmagic.cat


We kindly remind you that a list of every female filmmaker screened at the festival is available on their website archives

A collective homage to Women filmmakers at Barcelona Women’s Film Festival
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