Claudia Tosi

I was born in 1970, I am based in Italy and I have graduated in Philosophy at the University of  Bologna. I have worked as a creative documentary filmmaker and producer since 2004. I have attended EAVE, Eurodoc, Idfa Summer School, Berlinale Talents and MRSTP by EWA.

Project: I had a Dream

I HAD A DREAM is the story of two women , Manuela and Daniela, willing to change Italy through their political action and of what happens to their dream when it meets reality. The film explores, in an arch of eight years, the weakness of democracy and celebrates friendship and irony as a key to survive to politics. 


Manuela and Daniela have started their political action surrounded by the enthusiasm of citizens because of their reputation. Today they have been left alone, in spite of their integrity and hard work. What has happened? What has changed? May the answers explain why politics is still a world ruled by men?


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