Cinematographer-Maria Guerberof

María Guerberof was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1980.
She studied Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires. Simultaneously she attended workshops on documentary photography combining theory and practice. Maria continued her studies at the School of Creative Photographyin Buenos Aires, Avellaneda developing her technical skills for darkroom. In 2002 moveddefinitively to Milan, where she worked on personal projects, and soonafter she moved to Spain to further her studies at the Institute of PhotographicStudies of Catalonia (IEFC) in Barcelona.
Currently, she lives in London where she works as a Director of photographyfor the film industry.

Maria graduated fromUniversity Of Westminster BA(Hons)Film and Tv production (London 2007-2010)Specialization: Cinematography.
Since then, Maria has worked in "Plagium", a short drama that hadthe renowned British director Joe Wright ("Atonement" Pride & Prejudice")as executive producer and Jason Flemying (" X-Men: First Class ") as main actor.

Her dance film "Ex Nihilo" has been selected at: "the 7th Berlin International New directors Lounge"
The short film "Cry for all" achieved a worldwide distribution deal by International UK distributor.Broadcast on DirectTV and AT&T, In Europe broadcast to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Romania and Africa. Also invited to be part of ArtWiki, digital venue of the 7th Berlin Biennale, 2012. More recently it was also part of Cannes Film festival 2013 Short Film Corner (Out of competition)
Currently Maria is also directing personal projects and collaborating in the media department for Asian performing arts UK.

Maria’s work as cinematographer has been selected into the following festivals:
- Cannes Film festival 2013. Short film Corner (out of competition) - Soho Rushes Festival London 2012- Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan)2012 - 13th Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) 2012- 57th Corona Cork Film Festival OutLook 2012, Ireland. - 7th North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2012- 19th Out in Africa -- South African Gay&Lesbian Fim Festival 2012 - Shnit International Shortfilmfestival,Bern 2012- Out At The Movies. Hackney Picture House and Greenwich Picture House, London 2012 - 20o Festival Mix Brasil de Cultura da Diversidade, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro 2012

"Throughout my studies and my professional practice I have been increasingly convinced of the need to express critical thinking about the transformation in cultural aesthetics in the context of socio-political development. This practice is rooted in my own lived experiences and concerns, which are expressed in the sort of social and political stories I favour. My work draws on my experience of exploring the traditional genres in photography: documentary, portraiture, dance-body, landscape, fine art and studio. My aim is to produce projects which develop a fresh political approach to the practice of cinematography.
 +44 (0) 208 530 8791

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