Carme Puche

Carme Puche, a Barcelona based director/producer, presents her new documentary "The Jump! WTF EXPERIENCE" in the IN-ÈDIT FILM FESTIVAL.

The past and present of the underground jazz musicians in Barcelona will delight the audience of the International Music Film Festival BEEFEATER IN-EDIT in two screenings: Sunday 26 October @20h and Friday 31 October @16:30h

Carme is member of EWA after meeting us at the  #1 Barcelona Pitcher Perfect Workshop, where she told us about her beautiful documentary before it was completed.

"The JUMP! WTF Experience" is a documentary film which depicts the blossoming of more than a hundred young musicians in Barcelona. Breathtakingly talented but under the radar, they are struggling now as others have struggled in the past.

It’s 2012, Spain is suffering intensely at the hands of the financial crisis. Suffocating the population, it’s the year when huge weekly protests become the norm. Meanwhile, just a few feet under at the notorious Jamboree Jazz Club of Barcelona, youngsters take a stand against the despair. They represent a cry for life.

2012 is also a year of extraordinary human achievement: the Discovery arrives on Mars and Felix Baumgartner jumps out of a plane at super-sonic speed. With the same fearless energy, spurred on by the hope of being discovered, more than a hundred young musicians meet on the Jamboree stage each Monday to improvise openheartedly, be it jazz, rock, hip hop, or electronica. It is an explosion of music named WTF Jam Sessions.

The Jump! WTF Experience from Aved Productions

Whilst underground it looks like nothing changes meanwhile up on the surface the government asks for bailouts and the big banks claim more public money, in reality the expanding wave of the crisis consumes them all. WTF is close to disappearing. Aurelio Santos, the soul and host of this unique space of freedom, appears devastated on the stage; next week, the session may not be held.

For Pere Ferrer, one of the first musicians that played at Jamboree in 1959 when the club opened its doors for the first time, this news does not come by surprise; he has inaugurated and ended many clubs over his lifetime. Along with Wally Besser, they are the only survivors of Jamboree’s first live band. In this story, the seniors offer a fresh perspective, comparing the struggle of modern musicians to that of the jazz scene in Barcelona under the dictatorship of General Franco, oppressed and restricted in other ways.

The Jump! is an observational documentary film about a group of talented young musicians during what has been called ’the abysmal year’ of Spain. But it is also a call to look to the past, to truly understand where we come from, despite not quite knowing how to navigate our path into the future.

Full cast & crew

For those who cannot make it to the festival, the film will also be available after the screenings on

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