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EWA members will gather and meet Lori Dovi, the founder and administrator for Women Filmmakers Hiring Women Worldwide!, a FB group based in Los Angeles. She was inspired to start this group 3 months ago, one week before Frances McDormand's 'inclusion rider' unexpected speech at the Academy Awards. The group was created in response to a growing need for women filmmakers to help each other economically by bringing together women 'above the line' whom have resources to hire women 'below the line' whom have the skills and expertise in their areas. The vision was to create a micro economy globally for women filmmakers. The idea was immediately put to the test. Within 2 days of the FB group formation a request came from a Santa Monica based woman producer looking for a woman producer in Milan Italy to help with a commercial project. The two producers were successfully put together. The group has now grown to 4000 women worldwide from 60 countries in 3 months!

She is now traveling through Europe to meet with members from Women Filmmakers Hiring Women Worldwide!, as well as women filmmakers from EWA Network and other groups. Meet & Greets have been set up in Berlin (June 14 & 15), London (June 22 & 23) and Barcelona (June 27th). FranceItaly and Sweden will come together shortly.

Date: June 27th

Place: La Bonne, centre de dones, Barcelona

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