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Odessa International Film Festival adds one more layer to its well-established FILM INDUSTRY OFFICE. From 2018 edition onwards OFFI will host a unique conference format called Cinema: Backstage. The core idea of Cinema: Backstage is to tap deep into the understanding of a globallysignificant film area; analyze its relevance in relation to the Ukrainian industry and identify alignments and/or critical stand points.

Cinema: Backstage is aimed at inclusion, better understanding and greater cooperation in cinema. It is envisaged as a platform for regional professionals who will further champion relevant and timely projects with an international echo. The 2018 edition of Cinema: Backstage will center on the widely discussed topic of Gender Equality in the Audio-visual sector.

Gender Equality - Myth and Reality is planed as a half-day event highlighting the notion and importance of widely discussed gender issues. Participants of the conference will be guided into a European and international policy framework as well as having a chance to hear individual interventions and critical opinions from industry representatives.

The topic will be introduced by the following key professionals:

1. Roberto Olla, Executive Director of the Council of Europe Film Fund EURIMAGES

2. Hanna Slak, Representative of the European Women's Audiovisual Network

3. Eric Garandeau, Consultant and Adviser to the Minister of Culture of France

4. Kate Kinninmont, Chief Executive of Women in Film & TV, UK

The presentation will be led and moderated by Tamara Tatishvili, Georgian Representative to Eurimages & European Film Promotion.

This introductory part will be followed by a presentation of findings from a report Gender Equality and Empowerment in the Creative Sector of Armenia, Azerbaijan,

Georgia and Ukraine (2018) conducted by the British Council Ukraine.


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