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EWA Network and DOK Leipzig are joining forces to take practical steps to bolster the position of women in the film industry. For the first time DOK Leipzig is awarding a prize at its international co-production meeting, the DOK Co-Pro Market.

On Tuesday November the 1st, Alessia Sonaglioni, EWA's director will give the award to the best project with a woman at helm. EWA Team will attend the festival from Sunday 30 to Wednesday 2nd.

The award brings with it continued support of the selected film project. The makers of the prizewinning project will also be invited to DOK Leipzig the year after being awarded the prize. This will give them the opportunity to take advantage of the festival's networking possibilities and even submit their film to DOK Leipzig should it be completed.

This year's DOK Co-Pro Market will take place at the beginning of the festival week, from October 31st to November 1st. Each year DOK Leipzig selects 35 film projects looking for co-financing on an international platform to participate in the Co-Pro Market. The prize for the best female-driven film project will be awarded during the festival.

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