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Panel on "Seeing it is being it" with the presence of EWA's president,  Ada Solomon.  

A one day conference, organised by the European Commission, will take place on 19 June 2018 in Brussels. This event will bring together policy-makers, university students, women entrepreneurs and investors and everyone interested in the benefits of gender equality in the digital sector.

The conference will focus on the following thematic topics:

  • Combating a Stereotyped vision of Women in Media
  • Promoting Digital Skills and Education for women
  • Women in Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Women on and behind the screen

There is an eminent need for change on many levels of the audiovisual industry, not just on the screen but also behind the scenes. Why do we need to bring diverse stories to the audience? Why is this value important to flag for the European Union and the Creative Europe MEDIA progamme?

Women are half of the population in Europe and a better gender balance within the audiovisual sector will create and reflect a broader diversity. For the audience this also means a wider selection of narratives and stories to watch, and also to identify with. Women are half of the stories, it's that simple! How do we get there? This is the thriving question of this session: Seeing it is being it


Ada SOLOMON (Executive President of the European women's audiovisual network (EWA) and Film Producer, Romania), Introductory Remarks
Jeanne BRUNFAUT (Board Member of the European Film Agency Directors Association (EFADs) and Director, Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Audiovisual and Multimedia General Service, Belgium), Panellist
Noel CURRAN (Director General European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Switzerland), Panellist
Laura HOULGATTE ABBOTT (CEO at International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), Belgium), Panellist
Hanna SLAK (Film director and screenwriter), Panellist
Laura SLATTERY (The Irish Times, Media Columnist, Ireland), Panellist


Visit the Digital4Her event page for more information.


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