Cannes events: Wonder Women – Getting Out of the Corset Back


Wonder Women – Getting Out of the Corset
Gender Balance - Let's make it Happen

Pavilion 206 | Village International Pantiero

Moderated by Ms. Ada Solomon, EWA Network President, (European women's audiovisual network).

Ten women, representatives from European film funds and ministries of culture dedicated to promote equal rights for women in the film industry.

Together we will:

  • Learn from past case studies

  • Explore new opportunities

  • Promote gender equality in the industry and public funding

  • Discuss new policies to reduce gender imbalance for women creators



11:00 – Late breakfast and gathering 
11:30 – Panel discussion 
12:30 – Open discussion

Moderated by Ms. Ada Solomon - EWA Network President - European Women's Audiovisual Network

Our panelists:
Ms. Nicole Ackermann - Chair of the Board, WIFT Germany, Women in Film and Television Germany e.V

Ms. Kristina Börjeson – Head of film funding, Swedish Film Institute

Ms. Pavlina Zipkova – Head of Czech Film Commission

Ms.Edith Sepp – CEO Estonian Film Institute/ Ms. Ziv Naveh CEO & Artistic Director

Ms. Sharon Shamir VP Content, Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, Israel

Ms. Iris Zappe-Heller - Deputy Director of the Austrian Film Institute and in charge of gender and diversity issues

Ms. Julie Billy - Producer at Haut et Court co-founder of Le Deuxième Regard and member of the Collectif 50/50 pour 2020, France

Ms. Cristina Priarone - Direttore Generale Roma Lazio Film Commission, Vice Presidente IFC Italian Film Commissions, c/o Luce Cinecittà

Ms. Barbara Fränzen - Head of Film Department - Federal Chancellery of Austria

Ms. Hlin Johannesdottir, Producer at Ursus Parvus, Head of the Icelandic Film- and TV Academy, Head of Production at the Icelandic Film School

Ms. Valerie Creighton, President, and CEO - Canada Media Fund.

Please join us in this influential Panel! 

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Ms. Osnat Bukofzer Curator/ Director, Co-production initiative panels
Israel Pavilion Co-Production Initiative supported by The Rabinovich Foundation – Cinema Project

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