#9 December 2015


Dear EWA member and friend,

This has been a great year in terms of seeing women’s talent everywhere; more established women directors and producers mentoring new filmmakers; more women making outstanding films celebrated in major festivals and more concern, politically speaking, for women’s visibility and equality. More and more festivals and professional meetings include debates on gender issues and prominent women in the industry are no longer afraid of speaking up about gender imbalance. But this is not enough, we must go on working to ensure film business is less of a minefield for women.


Our commitment is firm and we tirelessly work to enhance women’s work and provide better opportunities. We will soon host  the 3rd workshop of the Multiple Revenue Stream Straining Course which has helped 15 filmmakers and creative producers to develop their film projects and we will release at the Berlinale the completed panEuropean research project titled "Where are the women directors in European Cinema?". We count on you. Thank you for your support and for helping us to enlarge our network.



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