35 Female nominees at the 2014 Gaudi Awards

2014 Gaudi Awards.
The statue inspired by the Architect Gaudi’s pinnacles in “La Pedrera” will honour the best Catalan films and performances in the audiovisual industry. There are 35 female nominees and we would like to congratulate all of these women on their success.

This figure represents 31.5% out of the whole list of 111, excluding the categories of best actor and best supporting actor.

We would also like to give a special mention to the FX artist, Montse Ribé, who has been nominated for two different films. The directors Mar Coll and Neus Ballus have been both nominated by their scripts and directing and Neus Ballús also for her editing work.

This year no women were nominated in the categories of Best Shortfilm, Best movie in another language than catalan, Best Production Designer, Best Music, Best Cinematography and Best sound.

EWA team wishes all of the nominees the very best of luck!

Here are the nominees

1. Best Movie :

"LA PLAGA" ("The Plague"), directed by Neus Ballús.

"TOTS VOLEM EL MILLOR PER A ELLA" ("Puzzlement"), directed by Mar Coll.

2. Best Director:

Neus Ballús ("LA PLAGA" - "The Plague")

Mar Coll ("TOTS VOLEM EL MILLOR PER A ELLA" - "Puzzlement")

3. Best Script:

Neus Ballús ("LA PLAGA" - "The Plague")

Núria Villazán ("LA POR" - "The Fear")

Mar Coll and Valentina Viso ("TOTS VOLEM EL MILLOR PER A ELLA" - "Puzzlement")

4. Best Actress

Nora Navas ("TOTS VOLEM EL MILLOR PER A ELLA" - "Puzzlement")

Candela Peña ("AYER NO TERMINA NUNCA" - "Yesterday Never Ends")

Vicky Peña ("UN BERENAR A GINEBRA" - "An Afternoon in Geneva")

Ingrid Rubio ("LA ESTRELLA" - "The star")

5. Best Supporting Actress

Carmen Machi ("LA ESTRELLA" - "The star")

Maria Molins ("FILL DE CAÍN" - "Cain’s son")

Àgata Roca ("TOTS VOLEM EL MILLOR PER A ELLA" - "Puzzlement")

Clara Segura ("TOTS VOLEM EL MILLOR PER A ELLA" - "Puzzlement")

6. Best Documentary:

"BAJARÍ", written and directed by Eva Vila.

7. Best TV-movie:

"CONCEPCIÓN ARENAL, LA VISITADORA DE PRESONS", by Laura Mañá, written by Rafa Russo and Laura Mañá. Produced by EWA member Miriam Porté.

8. Best Art Direction

Sylvia Steinbrecht ("3 BODAS DE MÁS" - "Three More Weddings")

9. Best Editing:

Neus Ballús ("LA PLAGA" - "The Plague")

Elena Ruiz ("BARCELONA, NIT D’ESTIU" - "Barcelona Summer night")

10. Best FX: Montse Ribé has been nominated twice for her work in 2 different films, "EL CUERPO" ("The body") and "MAMA"

11. Best Make-up artist

Laura Bruy and Txus González ("TOTS VOLEM EL MILLOR PER A ELLA" - "Puzzlement")

Ana López-Puigcerver and Belén López-Puigcerver ("GRAND PIANO")

Patricia Reyes ("LOS ÚLTIMOS DÍAS" - "The last days")

Mariona Trias and i Lluís Soriano ("HISTÒRIA DE LA MEVA MORT" - "Story of My Death")

12. Best European film:

"HANNAH ARENDT", directed by Margarethe von Trotta.

13. Best Costume Design:

Núria Anglada ("FILL DE CAÍN")

Patricia Monné ("GRAND PIANO")

Lourdes Pérez and Rosa Tharrats ("HISTÒRIA DE LA MEVA MORT" - "Story of My Death")

Olga Rodal ("LOS ÚLTIMOS DIAS" - "The last days")

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