#3 June 014

Dear EWA friends,
We are delighted to announce that our thriving Network
is growing more than ever with new inspiring audiovisual professionals continuously joining our supportive community from all over Europe and abroad. Thanks to each and every one of you for creating a melting pot of varied professional careers, cultural background and artistic feel, the EWA Network is feeling inspired and flourishing to accommodate you in the best possible ways.

We are also feeling particularly encouraged with the recent events in the worlds of cinema and gender – both of which are increasingly merged to create a happier place for all those who value fairness in the audiovisual sector and wish to work in a gender neutral playing field. Indeed from Helen Miren’s powerful hosting of the Women in Film reception this March where she celebrated women nominees and made her voice heard on the issue of the gender gap in the film industry; to Angelina Jolie’s opening statement calling for further international action against rape at the International Summit on Sexual Violence in conflict zones; gender equity is being promoted in the industry at un unprecedented level. Undeniably, we are immensely pleased with Jane Campion’s presiding of the 67th Cannes Film Festival, whereby she noted thescarcity of female directors in the film industry as largely undemocratic and speaking out against sexism in the business, which she said keeps many women’s films out of view. We are also of course absolutely thrilled that EWA’s Vice-President Zeynep Özbatur Atakan deservedly saw the film by Nuri Bilge Ceylan which she produced receive the Palme d’Or and this is an inspiration for all EWA members. Zeynep has been committed to training fellow film-makers and giving much back to the film industry and this news is both well deserved and a true inspiration.

The last few weeks have therefore been filled with many exciting events and opportunities, with the EWA team travelling all over Europe attending film festivals, organizingtraining coursesand meeting many of you to learn further about your incredible work and careers. From Istanbul to Cannes, stopping by Valencia, Budapest and London, we have been busy raising awareness and driving support about how much work needs to be done to counter gender inequality in the audiovisual sector, enabling women not only to take pride in being lead characters but in the stories that they tell themselves.

EWA’s training course on Online Marketing and Distribution in Istanbul this April was a major success and gives way for many more exciting training courses to come – giving you the opportunity to travel to Tuscany, Glasgow and even Tirana, Albania serving to empower you all in a fast-moving industry. In the same way that attending Cannes Film Festival has been extremely fruitful to meet with professionals eager to join our network; we are now highly looking forward to meeting more of you during the next coming festivals - hopefully Venice and Valladolid.

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