#2 Newsletter March 2014


Dear EWA friend,

The last few weeks have been very busy for the EWA Network; the team has been travelling a lot and meeting more and more impressive individuals all concerned about gender equality.....read more

EWA on the go

Berlinale,EWA Round Table Discussion on gender equality in European Cinema.

Read more

Recent events:

Gender equality meeting in Budapest with EWA ambassador Anita Gerencser.Read more


EWA Director Francine Raveney gave presentations at Sheffield Workstation during the Pathways careers day for students on Wednesday 19 March and presented EWA’s work on research at the Créteil Film Festival on 20 March. The Créteil panel was also attended by Kate Millett.

Programme for 2014:

EWA’s 2014 programme is available here


Advocacy and EWA

Creative Europe Day during the Berlinale. Read more

Eurimages News. Find out more about Eurimages and Gender Equality.Read more


New collaborations for women in film after the Berlinale meeting.Read more

Our next bridge-building events will be held in Istanbul and at the Crossing Europe festival in April in Austria. See www.ewawomen.com for more news


EWA has already started preparatory work for its first resarch project, a five-country analysis investigating gender balance and imbalance and strategies for change. Read more


The latest research report from the European Audiovisual Observatory will be disclosed at the Cannes Film Festival and you will be able to consult this information through www.ewawomen.com.Stay posted





Upcoming training

Training on online marketing and distribution -Istanbul 25-27 April, with Andy Green (Distrify), Eduardo Panizzo from Coffee and Cigarettes and other online marketing experts to be confirmed. Applications now open.

Scriptwriting Retreat- Italy

October 2014. Barcelona. Pitcher Perfect #2. Building on the success of our first Pitcher Perfect course we will re-host another session in Barcelona later this year – Stay tuned for the dates.


December 2014. Finance and negotiation skills. Vienna, Austria.Read more

Other online training opportunities will be announced later in the year at a discounted rate for EWA members.

If you are interested in attending one of these courses please contact us at:contact@ewawomen.com



Check out our website for more interviews with other directors/producers/sales agents and EWA members:

Interviewing Doris Film.

Interview with director Mariana Jukica

Meeting Tove Torbiörnsson (Head of Department Film/Society Swedish Film Institute) and director Kicki Kjellin.Read more


Women in the film world

Launching of Bechdel test campaign.Read more

Train of Freedom, collective documentary in Spain.Read more

The Hollywood Reporter at EWA’s event during the Berlinale.Read more


Ongoing Support Campaign

WHAT is EWA Network? Join our Campaign

If you would like to find out more about EWA Network or share any information with us please contact us at: contact@ewawomen.com


EWA is also actively recruiting country ambassadors to co-ordinate events (e.g. screenings, meetings) at national level in conjunction with national partners (associations and other groups).We already have ambassadors in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the UK and if you would like to be an ambassador for your country please send us your CV and a letter of motivation to contact@ewawomen.com





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