#13 April 2017

Dear EWA members & friends,

Over the past year, EWA Network has multiplied its projects and activities. Next to the organisation of the second edition of our MRST4FF workshops in Pisa & Strasbourg and the international dissemination of the results of our pan-European study « Where are the Women Directors in Europe? », EWA gave four development awards in partnership with film festivals and markets (DOK Leipzig, WEMW Trieste, Fest Forward Belgrade, FKM Festival La Coruña), opened a call for a scriptwriter’s residency in Berlin led by script consultant Suzanne Pradel, and organized its first event specially dedicated to EWA members during the Berlinale. In view of continuously improving our services, EWA also launched a member’s satisfaction survey. This year we are looking forward to developing more and very exciting projects for all of you, so stay tuned !

Of course, none of this would be possible without you, so thank you for your ongoing support. We count on you to make this network grow every day, and give women audiovisual professionals across Europe the voice they deserve.



Alessia Sonaglioni,

EWA Network Director


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