#12 Happy 2017

Dear EWA members and friends, 2016 has been an intense year for EWA Network!
In Spring, the complete report on « Where are Women Directors in European Films? » was published and largely disseminated in several festivals. It has become a benchmark for other studies.  From June to November, EWA’s training programme brought together in Pisa and Strasbourg a group of brilliant women producers and directors who have learnt how to use online tools to develop, finance and distribute their projects.  In Autumn, we organised a call for a scriptwriter’s one month residency in Berlin whose selection we are currently finalising. 
We have launched two prizes for projects in development directed by women, one in DOK Leipzig co-pro market and one in WEMW market in Trieste. A trilateral partnership between EWA Network, DOK Leipzig and WEMW is well on its way and will see new projects implemented in 2017 and beyond. 
This year we will continue to reinforce our network, building on existing activities and implementing new ones. We will focus on organising members’ dedicated events starting in Berlin, setting up a mentoring programme for junior producers and offering specific services to our members. 
We have so many challenges ahead! We need the strength and experience of our members and friends to make EWA network a sustainable and long standing project. With this new year kicking off, we count on you to support us both financially and with your skills & expertise. 
Happy 2017, we are all looking forward to meeting you in Berlin!
Alessia Sonaglioni and the EWA team

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