#1 January 2014

Dear EWA friend, 

We are delighted to welcome you to our inaugural newsletter. Since signing the EWA statutes on 26 January in Strasbourg last year, the EWA team has been working hard to ensure that our association can actively bring about change and improve gender equality in the audiovisual sector for the benefit of all of its members and also society as a whole.
In Europe, approximately only one in every ten films you’ll see at the box office will have been directed by a woman (with variations depending on the country). With film school participation equal between the sexes, something is hindering women’s access to the role of director and other professional creative posts and this means that women’s stories are not being told. EWA is working hard to bring about change in this area.


As a member we want to ensure that you and your work is promoted as much as possible, through interviews, articles and pictures which you can send to us. EWA membership will enable you to share your information with other members, from throughout the world, and will also open access to a private facebook group, and to a members only section in our website, the natural place to share information privately. This section is your space to share project information, find out about jobs and add information on our notice board. Membership also offers a 10% discount on our training courses and other advantages.

EWA’s goals and comments from our President, Isabel Coixet

EWA’s goals are to help creative professionals throughout the audiovisual sector have their voices heard, to promote equality of employment and opportunities for technical staff and to promote discussion on representations of women in films, tv, video games etc. 

EWA’s aims and philosophy is summed up by our President, the internationally acclaimed director Isabel Coixet, who explains:


“We, women in film, are facing the same problems and it’s good to know we are standing on our feet and we are working against the atmosphere, which, let’s face it, is very hostile to female directors. It’s a fact proven by statistics. Belonging to such a network is one of the few things we can do. EWA is about having a common base of discussion, exchanging experiences, being aware of what’s happening in the industry – and by being aware of what’s happening we start to change it and I think we are already starting to make this change.

The EWA team of volunteers is now 10 strong and we have an illustrious advisory board, who are helping us in our development, in addition to our multicultural bureau.


To a successful and fruitful 2014!

EWA Team

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