# 4 November

Dear EWA Friends,

What a thrilling and fruitful few months for the Network! With much energy dedicated to the exciting ongoing research report that EWA is commissioning: “Where are the Female Directors in European Films? Data Mapping with Best Practice Recommendations” - our team has also been travelling extensively to meet many of you from throughout Europe, and to ensure that EWA is working both at grassroots and at policy level.

Did you know that the share of films in Europe directed by female directors in the period of 2003 to 2012 accounted for only 16.3%? Or that the most successful female directed film as far as box office admissions goes, was “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason”, which was shot in 2004! We kid you not. These are some of the illustrated points from the European Audiovisual Observatory’s Report, “Female directors in European films”, which was released in September 2014. With EWA closely involved in the process, this study highlights many of the industry’s unsettling realities and definitely deserves a read.

Excitingly, our team has been present at meetings throughout Europe to set our study project on finding female directors in European films in motion. The project will look into film school data and share of industry participation, but especially access to finance, before delivering proposals to improve gender imbalance. There are now up to eight participating countries, including: France, Sweden, UK, Croatia, Italy and Austria, with findings due to be released in 2015.

What’s more, EWA co-organised a gender equality meeting with the Council of Europe’s Eurimages Gender Equality Working Group; this took place in October in Strasbourg and was swiftly followed by EWA’s Director travelling to Turkey to the first Antalya Co-production Market within the Antalya Film Festival, - organized by EWA’s Vice-President Zeynep Özbatur Atakan. Most recently, our team went to Italy for an event on tackling gender inequality in the Italian film industry that was held during the Rome Film Festival in October. Please see the next page for further details.

With more exciting news, in conjunction with Frank Stein Studios, EWA co-organised a training course this September in Barcelona on “How to write a screenplay that sells” which was taught by Christian Routh, a scriptwriting guru. This allowed the many participants to get to the heart of their projects which were currently being drafted. This was followed by an intensive session on raising finance for specific projects tailored to the needs of each film.

All of these encounters have shown us just how important and vital regular meetings with members are. For the coming months many more local level encounters are being scheduled to bring members and their industry preoccupations closer to the Network. We are also delighted to welcome Alessia Sonaglioni, an Italian lawyer and film finance expert, to come on board EWA as a Specialist Coach starting 1 November, giving opportunities for members to connect with her both online and at upcoming festivals in Berlin and Cannes in 2015!

Best wishes to all from the EWA Team.

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